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Contemporary Art Framing

Gallery One Frames, a division of William Campbell Contemporary Art, Inc., handles custom framing for residential, corporate and commercial art collections. With over twenty-eight years experience. Gallery One Frames specializes in museum quality conservation framing using archival materials, special finishes, gilding, hand-carving, and finished corner frames.

Gallery One custom frames everything from paintings and rare prints, to historical documents and objects, as well as personal memorabilia and heirlooms. We have a diversity of expertise with unusual framing projects and the resources to implement proper solutions for those projects, no matter how large or how small.

Gallery One recognizes the importance of service to clients. Customer services include pick up, delivery and installation of artwork for businesses, individuals, interior designers, private art dealers, museums and university collections. Whether for the individual, commercial or corporate client, Gallery One Frames brings courteous, customized and knowledgeable service to you.


Contemporary art framingWilliam Campbell Contemporary Art, contemporary art gallery, contemporary art, fort worth contemporary art, fort worth artists
Mark Smith

Many of our clients enjoy collecting works on paper. From prints to watercolors, collectors enjoy the smaller, more intimate scale that works on paper tend to have. Those who are passionate about paper appreciate everything about it from the uneven, fibrous surface of a handmade paper to the deckled edge of a fine piece of heavy watercolor paper.

Works on paper are delicate compared to other artworks. More care must be taken if a collector wants to preserve the piece for years to come. A few basic questions will determine if the piece is being preserved in the best way possible. Is the artwork touching the surface of the glass? It shouldn’t. Does it have glass that protects from UV light? UV light can speed deterioration and dull the colors of the work over the years. Is it matted with 100% rag board? Mat board that is not 100% rag can lead to acid burn on the surface of a work on paper.

“Why aren’t most works framed archivally to begin with?” one might ask. There are many answers to this question. Lack of knowledge about archival preservation on the part of an artist or framer can often be the case. One of the biggest reasons is that archival practices have only been perfected in more recent years. It is for these reasons that our clients prefer to let us examine any pre-framed pieces that they acquire to ensure they are properly protected. We can often open the piece for a client and give an evaluation and suggestions for improvement while the client waits. Whether you are considering starting a collection or are a seasoned patron, feel free to consult us if you are in doubt about the archival quality of a piece, because a few simple steps can insure that your collection remains beautiful for years to come.

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